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ma ma is a roving art space and curatorial collective i co-founded and co-direct with Heather Rigg.  ma ma explores issues around performance, embodiment, technology, access, institutional critique, and how social infrastructures are built and navigated.


A Big Heritage With a Glorious Past

Eleana Antonaki and Marina Xenofontos

Critical Distance, Toronto, Opening Februay 1, 2020

In the Air  

Steffani Jemison and Julia Phillips

ma ma, Oct 19 - Nov 12

Slay All Day: Tanya Lukin Linklater

ma ma, Sept 21 - Oct 15


Eleana Antonaki, Nomaduma Rosa Masilela, Sofia Mesa

ma ma, August 24 - Sept 17

For Paradise 

Elizabeth M. Webb

ma ma, July 13 - August 20

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In collaboration with Laurie Kang and Virtual Care Lab (Los Angeles). Bread provides a series of prompts as starting points for gathering together in a way that embraces intimacy while holding space for discomfort after months of isolation. 

Fast Forward: Speculative Institutions

ma ma | in residence at Mercer Union, a centre for contemporary art

April 12 - June 28, 2021

an extended term of curatorial research through public events and engagements on speculation and imagination, and how institutional critique can be a catalyst for institutional change. 

Fast Forward Part 1: Claire Bishop on Speculative Writing
Art historian Claire Bishop will discuss her writings A Speculative Review of #NewMoMA and MoMA Tour 2064, and reflect on speculation as a way of imagining ethical institutional practices. 

Fast Forward Part 2: Chaédria LaBouvier on Art World Reckoning 
Curator, art historian, writer and organizer Chaédria LaBouvier will contribute a triptych work: a short, written introduction, clips of an unfinished film project, and a talk. All works will focus on interrogating what’s been called an art-world reckoning, and the cost and site of this foundation.

Fast Forward Part 3: Speculative Writing Workshop
Heather Rigg and Magdalyn Asimakis (ma ma) will lead a workshop on speculative writing. This program will encourage participants to imagine the future through new forms of writing and critique. This will be a collective exercise for writers at all levels.​

Decolonization Is Not A Metaphor: online reading group with Laurie Kang

July 1, 2020

Eleana Antonaki in Conversation with ma ma

in conjunction with the exhibition 'a big heritage with a glorious past'

critical distance centre for curators, 2020

ma ma x The Table

dinner and readings at The Table, Toronto, 2019

dog days reading group

ma ma, 2018

artist talks 

with Steffani Jemison, Tanya Lukin Linklater, Sofia Mesa, Camille Rojas, and Elizabeth M. Webb 

ma ma, 2018

museum highlights: an institutional critique reading group and screening of Andrea Fraser's Museum Highlights

ma ma, 2018

forthcoming publications

“A Big Heritage with a Glorious Past” co-authored with Heather Rigg, published by Critical Distance Centre for Curators

“ma ma’s Diaspora Cook Book” co-authored with Heather Rigg, published by Art Metropole

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