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~essays and interviews

the atmosphere of a body, julia phillips: energy exchange, mousse publishing, 2023; republished by kunsthalle düsseldorf, 2023

perpetual scofflaws: jumana manna interviewed by ma ma, c magazine, 2023

an imaginary grid: in conversation with elizabeth m webb, public parking, 2023
rooting in exile, sduk broadsheet, 2022

rural greek women in the black star collection, animating archives (goldsmith's university), 2021
catherine telford keogh: circuit trouble, erin stump projects exhibition essay, 2021
in polite english one disagrees by first agreeing, jessica vaughn: depreciating assets, art papers, republished by printed matter, 2020

silvia kolbowski: a few howls again (collaborative), gallery 44, 2020

silent transmission: tanya lukin linklater's the treaty is in the body, soft power, published by sfmoma, 2019
an archive, but not an atlas in ed. liz ikiriko, an archive, but not an atlas,  published by critical distance centre for curators, 2019
material frequencies: the sculptural work of tau lewis, college art galleries, university of saskatchewan, 2019

julia phillips: mediation and malleability, songs for sabotage, published by new museum, 2018

constructing ambiguity: the sculptural work of julia phillips and kevin beasley, that i am reading backwards and into for a purpose, to go on:, published by the whitney museum of american art, 2017
the political artistic practice of theophile-alexandre steinlen, metropolitan museum of art, 2017

~criticism (select)

the athens dialogues by hans ulrich obrist, art papers, 2021

laurie kang: beolle, art papers, 2020
tau lewis: i bet this cave has been here for a really long time, brooklyn rail, 2019

sandra brewster: blur, brooklyn rail, 2019

geetha thurairajah: migration is more momentous than ancient invasions, canadian art, 2019
alicia henry: witnessing, art forum, 2019
the uptown triennial, brooklyn rail, 2017
all the threatened and delicious things joining one another, brooklyn rail, 2017


~edited and authored (collaborative)

ma ma at the table, published by art metropole (forthcoming)
a big heritage with a glorious past: eleana antonaki and marina xenofontos, published by critical distance centre for curators, 2021a complete guide to seeds, gardening, and rootlessness, ma ma publication, 2018
tanya lukin linklater: slay all day, ma ma publication, 2018
that i am reading backwards and into for a purpose, to go on:, published by the whitney museum of american art, 2017

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