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select writing 

a response to the athens dialogues by hans ulrich obrist


rural greek women in the black star collection

animating archives, with goldsmith's university, 2021

laurie kang: beolle

art papers, march 2020

in polite english one disagrees by first agreeing

interview with jessica vaughn

art papers, fall 2019

silent transmission: tanya lukin linklater's the treaty is in the body

SFMOMA exhibition catalogue soft power, 2019

material frequencies: the sculptural work of tau lewis

college art galleries at the university of saskatchewan, 2019

tau lewis: i bet this cave has been here for a really long time

brooklyn rail, 2018


in a complete guide to seeds, gardening and rootlessness, ma ma, 2018

julia phillips: mediation and malleability
new museum triennial exhibition catalogue songs for sabotage, 2018

constructing return
published in the booklet curtis santiago: constructing return. university of saskatchewan, 2017.

constructing ambiguity: the sculptural work of julia phillips and kevin beasley
in that i am reading backwards and into for a purpose, to go on: published by the whitney museum of american art, 2017. 

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